Summer schools

Summer schools

Partners will organize three joint summer schools addressing early-stage researchers, and master and PhD students from FTPO, other beneficiaries and associated partner organizations and other interested participants. One will be organized at the location of FTPO, one at BME and one at IWK. Their planned topics are composite technologies; advanced technologies in injection moulding; and compounding technologies. All summer schools will be organized as 4-day events. They will represent a great opportunity for early-stage researchers from partner institutions to gain new knowledge and new connections in their field.


1st IPPT_TWINN Summer School: 

Composite technologies - High endurance, lightweight polymer composites 

Date: 28. 08. 2023 - 31. 08. 2023 

Venue: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest 

Main organizer: Budapest University of Technology and Economics,  Department of Polymer Engineering  

Fee: The Summer school course and the social program is free of charge. Financed by the IPPT_TWINN project. 


Who can participate? 

Early stage-researchers, Masters and PhD Students, who work or study in the field of polymer or mechanical engineering and wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of polymer composites. 

The objectives: 

High endurance, lightweight polymer composites are becoming more and more important, not only in high-performance utilizations but also in everyday life. To better understand composite design and manufacturing we invite you to participate in our four-day summer school event in August of 2023. 

The course is based on lectures, laboratory work and workshops. In the lectures students will get an in-depth theoretical knowledge of polymer composite materials, production technologies, part design and material properties. 

In the laboratory sessions the students will be divided into smaller groups and work with injection molding, vacuum infusion, autoclave and thermoplastic resin transfer molding machines. Students will get a better understanding of the processing parameters, production cycle and critical production aspects. They will also compare produced polymer composite parts with unreinforced polymer parts by measuring main material properties in the laboratory. 


Will you join us?

Registration:, by 1st August 2023